The Workshop at Macy’s Application
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The Workshop at Macy’s Application

Top participants in The Workshop at Macy's will receive additional coaching and support from the Macy’s team, as we collaborate with you on the opportunity to scale your business to the point where you could become a sustainable, successful vendor with a major retailer like Macy’s.

Why apply for the Workshop at Macy’s? It’s an unparalleled and unprecedented opportunity to learn how to scale your business sustainably and effectively for working long-term with a major retailer.

This free program for highly qualified and carefully chosen participants will provide you with a world-class toolkit for business growth and development.

In the Workshop, you'll learn how to build and execute an effective business strategy, how to build and present seasonal financial and assortment strategies, and how to effectively work with buyers - how to present to them, how to influence them, and how to build an ongoing partnership.

Applicants from Puerto Rico are eligible for a special Workshop opportunity. Find out more.