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Alumna Kim Roxie of LAMIK Beauty encourages potential candidates to apply for the Workshop!

Terry Lundgren

With a whisk of her magical wand, also known as her make-up brushes, Kim Roxie transforms her clients into works of art, something like a magician. Kim Roxie has created an entire cosmetic conglomerate; LAMIK Beauty, which features make-up, facial care and custom lashes and brow kits.

Rated as the best spot to get eyelashes, eyebrow sculpting and makeup application by The Houston Chronicle, LAMIK Beauty operates a stylish boutique in Roxie’s native Houston, Texas as well as a location in Atlanta, Georgia. This young mogul in the making also reveres her line as the first eco-chic brand with all-natural products and recyclable containers.

Whether it’s her human hair lashes or custom mineral powders, LAMIK is definitely positioning itself as a leader by offering a wide range of colors to fit every woman!

Learn more on the LAMIK Beauty website.