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Big Girl Cosmetics

Big Girl Cosmetics Founder and CEO Kiley Russell shares her insights into the Workshop at Macy’s.

Terry Lundgren

Big Girl is a full-service cosmetic line for polyethnic women, marrying edgy, urban, high pigment with a healthier mineral-based product and extended-wear performance.

The Big Girl customer is urban, fast-paced, stylish, fearless, bold and ready for the world. She is multi-ethnic and looks at varying ways to express and celebrate her diversity and that of her friends.

Big Girl was created with the monetary profit gained after founder and CEO Kiley Russell sold her free car she won on the Oprah show. Big Girl, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, currently operates a spa and makeup bar, but Macy’s is their first department store experience.

Learn more on the Big Girl Cosmetics website.