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After having their first of two baby boys, Psyche and Vontoba Terry realized that Psyche’s super-cute B cup lingerie didn’t fit anymore. Going from a B cup to a DD often led to a frustrating shopping trip and an empty cart. It was then that Terry realized there wasn't anything out there that flattered her new curves and gave her everything she, and women around the world, wanted and needed. As a young mom and wife, she wanted to be stylish at any cup size! Putting their heads together, they created what was then called Urban Intimates (now UI Global Brands).

Founded in November 2009, UI Global Brands leans on the collective corporate business development of its founders to deliver affordable, yet fashionable large size intimate apparel.

In May 2011, Psyche and Vontoba Terry participated in The Workshop at Macy's, which fueled the growth of UI Global Brands. Since graduating from The Workshop at Macy’s, UI Global Brands has grown to be the home of three different lines; Urban Hydration Hair Care, Urban Hydration Skin Care (both of which are all natural beauty lines) and Inspire Psyche Terry, a collection of lingerie, bras, and sleepwear that offers top of the line fashion in small-4X sizing. UI Global Brands is a successful Macy’s vendor, with the Urban Hydration skin care line carried in select Macy’s Backstage doors.

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