Business of Fashion

Terry Lundgren

Macy’s Expertise in Business

Redefining the customers’ shopping experience is at the heart of Macy’s strategic formula for continued growth and success; localization (through our My Macy’s strategy) and omnichannel integration are key components of how we make that happen. We’ve invested in talent, technology and marketing to ensure every Macy’s store is just right for the customer who shops that location.

The Macy’s experience is omnichannel, delivered in stores, online and through mobile devices, and we’ve developed systems and processes to access our vast inventory in stores and fulfillment centers across the country – ensuring we can fulfill the needs of each customer regardless of location.

We continue to experiment with a wide range of new technologies, both in store and online, to improve the customer shopping experience. These include using tablet computers in selected departments in stores, piloting tap-and-pay mobile technology, offering customers paperless digital receipts, accelerating the adoption of QR code technology to engage shoppers, and delivering special offers to shoppers via Foursquare, Shopkick, Google and Facebook, among other pervasive social media. New license agreements with Finish Line and Locker Room by LIDS have expanded our athletic footwear offerings in an innovative business model that benefits our partner companies as well as our customers.

Macy’s continues its legacy of offering merchandise from the best and most-wanted brands, and in providing customers genuine value – the right combination of fashion and quality at a good price. Much of Macy’s merchandise assortment is clearly unique. Merchandise for each of our 17 private brands, available “Only at Macy’s” is developed to appeal to a certain customer lifestyle, and each is supported with marketing programs that precisely define its image.

Customer engagement through Magic Selling continues to be very important to us, and we have expanded the mindset beyond stores to include all customer-facing environments, such as phone, live chat and big-ticket delivery. We pledge to make magic in all of our customer interactions, not just on the selling floor.