Alumni Testimonials


“I plan to work on every section that we covered in the week when it comes to my business, because I’m still growing and I see lots of room for improvement – from identifying the white space to access to capital. I now understand that being in business is about being able to adapt to change and continue to evolve, grow, learn, and execute.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“A key aspect of working with larger retailers is to sit down and plan KPIs (key performance indicators) in advance.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“The Workshop has given us a better understanding of our brand, our target market, the white space we intend to fill in the market, and how to cohesively and articulately fit all of these pieces together.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“I have the knowledge now to make the changes necessary to reach my goals.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“(After the Workshop) I’m doing everything differently. This program has expedited my company’s development and growth exponentially. It has been absolutely invaluable and will be a key component to our long-term success.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“We are grateful for all of the information and it has been invaluable to us and I am sure that week will be the main factor in driving us to the next level.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“The Workshop has given us a better understanding of our brand, our target market, the whitespace we intend to fill in the market, and how to cohesively and articulately fit all of these pieces together.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“Overall, I loved this program and am so thankful for the entire experience.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“I acquired knowledge; I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before; most importantly how to present your line and idea to a potential buyer.” (Workshop Participant, 2011 Class)

“In all my years of studying, this one week has taught me so much about a corporate company, and about our small business, that it has been unbelievable. Macy’s is doing something revolutionary.” (Workshop Participant, 2011 Class)

“We believe that our experience at The Workshop has reinforced our commitment to thrive in our business and this industry. With all the ‘A-HA moments,’ we are positive that this will be invaluable for us moving forward.” (Workshop Participant, 2012 Class)

“Literally, the Workshop has changed my life. So often we go each day without guidance of what we're looking at in our business, and the Workshop at Macy’s made things so much clearer for me.” (Workshop Participant, 2012 Class)

“The Workshop confirmed what I've known but made me face head-on [...] that I can't do it all myself.” (Workshop Participant, 2013 Class)

“It was just a lot of information but it was very concise, and I know it’s going to help me with my business moving forward.” (Workshop Participant, 2013 Class)

“I will be applying something from every session and guest speaker I learned from. [Anonymous vendor] has already been in business for seven years but there was so much more that I learned from the Macy's Workshop experience to help me take my business to the next level.” (Workshop Participant, 2014 Class)


Store Visit:

“I thought the store visit was essential pre-work for me to really have a better understanding of everything that was taught to us in the class.” (Workshop Participant, 2014 Class)

Retail Math Pre-Work:

“Initially, I was intimidated by the retail math pre-work. However, the formulas provided helped me work through the problems and gave me a better understanding of how retailers make decisions based on data and sales performance.”(Workshop Participant, 2014 Class)


Master Class with Lisa Price (Founder, Carol’s daughter):

“I loved Lisa’s openness to discussing her trials, tribulations, and journey with her business.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“What I found most valuable about Lisa’s session was her telling the story of her brand’s successes and failures. She was able to adapt to the changing needs of her business.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“Her overall story was very encouraging and empowering. Recounts of the growth of her business were very motivating. Understanding that even when you hire experts, they don’t always have all the answers, and that you should still stay true to your core and identity was very helpful.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

ID the Customer:

“The discussion about creating brand values and welcoming all hit home for me.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“It was very interesting to hear about not only the amount of data that Macy’s has acquired, but also how it helps them respond to their customer. In addition, it was great that we were given an idea as to how to use our own data to continually change according to our ever-changing customer.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“It was great that you brought a left-brained and a right-brained person to speak to us about the customer. Both speakers offered great insight into the Macy’s customer and tools to find out more about the customers you are trying to target.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“This session forced me to flesh out our customer to the most fine-grained detail. We intend to create profiles and case studies on our ideal customer as a result.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“This part was great! This is when I had a break-through and finally realized who my target market was.” (Workshop Participant, 2011 Class)

Building Your Brand Identity with Kimberly Yarnell:

“Thought-provoking – it helped relay the need to hone in on our brand identity.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“The conversation on the social media ecosystem was incredible and the tips on how to handle a crisis were very useful.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“[This] really taught me that each social media platform needs to have its own unique voice.” (Workshop Participant, 2014 Class)

Omnichannel Panel of Buyers (Merchant Panel):

“The session provided a great overview of how a supplier interacts with a buyer from beginning to end – the presenters were very candid and provided a lot of insight.” (Workshop Participant, 2013 Class)

Production Life Cycle:

“Super great! Very interactive. Excellent explanation of production calendars and how important it is to work back for a completion date.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“Understanding the product lifecycle, planning your product calendar, just everything about this was valuable, well-articulated and generally useful within and separate from Macy's.” (Workshop Participant, 2014 Class)

Financial Management & Access to Capital:

“This session taught me the importance of looking beyond the first order and how one goes through sustaining and growing their business.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“The tool that Elizabeth gifted us all was amazing. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of my financial statements and look forward to taking a more hands-on approach with them.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“Finances- whew! Hard class, but of course THE most important. The cashflow statement was eye-opening.”(Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“Before this session, I never thought I would want an investor but after learning more about what an active investor can do to elevate our company, I am now keeping this option open if we find the right active investor.”(Workshop Participant, 2014 Class)

Retail Math 101:

“(This taught me that) retail math is complicated, and I need to understand that in advance of partnering with retailers.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“This session definitely strengthened my understanding of key formulas and financial strategies for my business.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“This is a tough one but it was necessary. Going over the math and understanding large-scale budgets with an in-person teacher was very helpful.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“I really appreciated the care they took to make sure we were really ‘getting it.’” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)


“WOW – A summary of the shipping manual and more in one session. Very valuable lesson and covered a great deal.” (Workshop Participant, 2011 Class)

Production Life Cycle:

“(I learned) how important it was to build and follow my calendar – to make sure I know what my buyer wants and that we as partners can set our expectations together so both parties are clear.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

“I learned that I don’t have to compromise my values to be competitive…and also that I really should plan further out as much as possible.” (Workshop Participant, 2015 Class)

Alumni Panel:

“It was refreshing to hear the backstories of the brands, where they were, where they are now, and where they’re headed.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)

“It was helpful to hear what benefits they received from the Workshop and what they applied to their business.” (Workshop Participant, 2016 Class)